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In the preparation of human cells used for regenerative medicine, it is essential that the product is sterile. This is because the product is directly administered or transplanted into the body. As such, cell processing centers (CPC: cell processing center) are used to process cells in a sterile environment to ensure the necessary product quality.

  • Facility planning in compliance with GMP hardware standards, related laws and regulations, and applicable guidelines
  • Collective support from planning to design & construction and periodic validation

Micro differential pressure control simulator

In the design stage, room pressure fluctuation attributable to external air pressure and the opening and closing of doors is predicted with high accuracy, achieving a facility capable of stable room pressure control.

Pharmaceutical production management systems

An information system incorporating a server that reduces human error and saves labor in factors such as manufacturing planning, work instructions, work records, quality control, and form creation.

Environmental monitoring systems

A system that monitors and records temperature and humidity, differential pressure between rooms, particles, and so on, in real time. It stores operating data of equipment, and alerts operators in the event of an abnormality.